David Marks Insurance Brokers

Why choose a Ballarat insurance broker?

As an insurance broker, we work for you, not an agency. We work to source you the most comprehensive cover at the right price for your needs and budget.

Unlike an agent who works for a specific insurance company, an insurance broker has access to multiple suppliers of insurance products and services, meaning we have no need to be biased towards any one company, unless of course they are the most suitable option for you!

We analyse your insurance cover each year to keep up with new products and services within the insurance market to make sure you are getting the must appropriate of cover for the most affordable premium.

In addition to this, it is in insurance companies’ interests to provide us with the most affordable prices possible because our brokers are trained professionals and are experts at choosing the right cover for the wide-varying needs of clients. This means you will never be underinsured when it matters most. While this important for you, it also means insurance agencies are happy to give us the right price knowing the client will always have the most appropriate level of cover. The benefit is two-fold and all because an insurance broker is an unbiased professional, working for a client to produce the most appropriate and suitable outcome.

David Marks Insurance Brokers are based in Ballarat. For comprehensive insurance services, please contact us.