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Travel Insurance Ballarat, Victoria

David Marks Insurance Brokers provides travel insurance for individuals and businesses. Whether you are planning an overseas holiday on your own, with your partner or family, or travelling regularly for work, we will cover you so you can enjoy your trip.

From loss of luggage through to comprehensive medical cover, travel insurance gives you peace-of-mind on trips for business and pleasure.

Domestic and international travel insurance

Travel insurance for domestic and international travellers is one thing you really mustn’t leave home without. Going on holidays is exciting. Having flights cancelled, falling ill or losing your luggage is not. No matter where you travel, in Australia or overseas, these problems can and do happen to many travellers. Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere, at any time, but the risk is generally increased when you are in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Falling ill is bad enough in the comfort of your own home, throw in a new setting, another language and unfamiliar food and you have a travel sickness nightmare! Many people don’t bank on becoming seriously sick or injured on holiday, but the reality is that it does happen. If you need medical attention in another country, the last thing you want to worry about is paying the bill. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind that your health, wellbeing and hard-earned belongings are covered whilst on holiday.

Corporate travel insurance

Does your job require constant travel? Do you send your staff away on work conferences, on interstate or international professional development programs, business meetings and more?

It is unrealistic to expect staff to take out travel insurance for short or long trips on a regular basis. Corporate travel insurance provides continuous cover for those travelling regularly or continuously for business purposes. Corporate travel insurance covers your employees for all the important aspects – comprehensive medical cover, evacuation, luggage, equipment and technology such phones, tablets and laptops, and much more. Corporate travel insurance not only protects the individual and their belongings, but also protects the business against financial loss in terms of costly cancellations, delays, emergency hotel stays and more.

A Ballarat insurance broker from David Marks Insurance Brokers will determine the right travel insurance policy for your unique circumstances. Contact us to discuss your personal or professional needs in terms of cover for domestic, international and corporate use. We also provide business insurance and personal insurance in Ballarat and across Western Victoria.