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Income Protection and Life Insurance, Ballarat

We provide individuals with peace of mind so that in the case of injury, permanent disability, death and the subsequent loss of income, your loved ones will still be able to afford to pay the bills and enjoy your current lifestyle. Whether you are a young couple with a new mortgage and no children, or a family with children, we are experts at securing a level of cover most appropriate to your lifestyle.

It’s hard to think about what would happen if you couldn’t be there to provide for your family, but life insurance is one way you can ensure they are well-cared for if you were no longer around. If you become temporarily injured or ill, income protection will pay your wage until you are fit to return to work again.

Life insurance

Life insurance covers you in the case of death, accidental or otherwise. Whether it is unexpected and sudden – such as a fatal car accident – or a terminal diagnosis, life insurance will secure your family’s financial future so they can continue to live comfortably in your absence. Life insurance can also cover you in the case of permanent disability where you unable to return to work again.

Income protection insurance

Many people will become injured or fall ill at some point in their working life. Depending on your occupation, even a minor illness or injury can render you unable to perform your regular duties.

If you become injured or sick and are unable to work for a temporary period of time, income protection will pay a large percentage of your wage until such time as you are fit to return to work. This means while you recover, your mortgage and other bills will be paid as normal. So you can focus on your recovery and not stress about how your daily, weekly and monthly expenses will be paid.

David Marks Insurance Brokers are experts at helping individuals find the most appropriate level of cover for their circumstances. For example, a young couple not yet planning a family, but wanting a level of insurance to cover their mortgage and bills, will need a different level of cover from a couple with dependents, in which case a higher level of cover may be required to cover the additional costs of raising a family.

Please contact us to speak with an experienced Ballarat insurance broker about a level of insurance that is appropriate for your needs. We also provide boat and caravan insurance, and more – see our complete list of services.