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House & Contents Insurance Ballarat

David Marks Insurance Brokers provide a complete range of home and contents insurance options. Whether you need one or the other, or both, we will help you determine the most appropriate level of cover for your specific needs.

People who own an investment property, which they don’t live in but lease to tenants, would likely want to cover just the building, not the contents (which don’t belong to them). Similarly, tenants who are renting a property do not need to cover the building as they do not own it and are not responsible for it. However, renters often take out contents insurance policies to cover the loss, theft or damage of their belongings.

Those who own their own home and live in it generally take out a house and contents insurance policy, which covers both the building – from threats like fire, flooding and vandalism – and their contents.

We can provide you with cover for the following:

  • Home and contents insurance – covers you broadly for your property and belongings
  • Fire and perils
  • Personal valuables – including jewellery, collectable items and more
  • Goods in storage

Owner builder construction insurance

Building your own home comes with its own set of considerations. When you build your own home you are responsible for every stage of the process, from construction through to clean-up. This means if your half-built home perishes in a fire, if another person is injured as a result of your construction efforts, or you experience theft of materials and tools, you are the only person to wear the financial loss.

Significant financial loss as a result of something going wrong for an owner builder can have serious repercussions for their livelihood and that of their family. Owner builder insurance is an absolute must when you consider the risk to self and others, both physically and financially.

If you have any questions whatsoever about home and contents insurance, owner builder construction insurance or any other insurance services, please do not hesitate to contact David Marks Insurance Brokers.