David Marks Insurance Brokers

Excavation & earthmoving insurance

When you’re operating heavy-duty machinery, it’s important to know the risks and have the right protection in place. Protect your equipment, your workers and your business with earthmoving insurance through Ballarat’s David Marks Insurance Brokers.

If you’re looking for the right cover for your earthmoving or excavation business, we have a range of options to protect your hard-earned assets from damage and loss.

We understand the risks involved in the excavation and earthmoving industry, from workers being hit or crushed by excavators, to fall risks and environmental risks. In such a changing environment, it’s imperative to have cover in place.

As well as insuring physical assets, including property and tools, our earthmoving insurance brokers ensure you are covered for:

  • liability insurance – in the case of accident, injury or property damage to a third party, including your employees
  • professional indemnity – protection against threats and claims to your business, in the case of a client or third party dispute
  • self-storage insurance – when you need to store your tools
  • heavy motor and excavator insurance for trucks and earthmoving machinery.

No matter the size of your excavation business, whether you work for yourself or run a larger sub-contracting business, our experienced team will find the right cover for your specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss your excavator insurance policy – and we can also help with personal insurance and income protection for maximum peace of mind.