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Caravan and Boat Insurance Ballarat

Through our association with a number of specialist insurance companies, we are able to provide you with insurance for your boat or caravan. Whether you have an off-road trailer, a tinny or a speed boat, we will consult with you to provide an appropriate level of cover for your hard-earned asset and private pleasurecraft.

Boat insurance for your private pleasurecraft

We understand recreational boats and other pleasurecraft, such as jet skis, are your pride and pleasure! Separate from commercial watercraft, private pleasurecraft are not owned by businesses or government, but rather by individuals for recreational and/or hobby purposes such as water skiing and fishing. Australians are surrounded by water and many of us enjoy the lifestyle opportunities living near the water present.

We provide boat insurance cover for the following pleasurecraft:

  • Jet skis
  • Recreational fishing boats
  • Speed boats
  • Yachts – including those for racing

Caravan insurance

Caravans can be a costly investment, but one that brings much joy as you travel and experience the wonder nature and new locations have to offer. Many Victorians head off on a camping or caravanning trip at some point in their lifetime, and many in their own caravan. Because they are driven on the road towed by your vehicle, caravans are equally as susceptible to knocks, bumps and collisions with other vehicles.

You insure your car, so it makes sense to insure your caravan because, in many circumstances, they can be even more costly to repair if they become damaged on, or off, the road.

We service regional Victoria, providing clients with boat and caravan insurance options. Please contact us for a quote. Our insurance brokers also provide car and house and contents insurance options.