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Protecting your Ballarat home with flood insurance

June 28 2019

Turn on the TV and you’ll regularly see reports of floods on your screen.

As recent events and continual climate change have shown, floods can occur at any time. And their impact can have a costly effect in terms of damage and repair bills.

At David Marks Insurance Brokers, we are happy to help source appropriate flood insurance for Ballarat residents that effectively covers their home and possessions in the unfortunate event of a flood. We understand the stress that follows in the wake of a flood episode and the peace of mind that clients feel in knowing damage to items including electrical appliances, carpet, plaster and contents is covered.

Our insurance team can work with clients to source the best flood insurance policy that meets their needs and their budget.

Many people can become confused by the difference between water damage and flood, and what it means when it comes to insurance. We can explain the terms and differences between policy options so you have a clear understanding before making a choice on cover.

While flood cover is automatic when it comes to domestic homeowner policies, it can be a different situation for people seeking commercial business insurance. Where you live, such as on top of a hill or beside a lake or water course, can also have an impact on premiums. Understanding your flood risk is part of the process when considering flood cover.

It’s also important to know that not all insurers treat flood the same way in their policies. That’s why it’s an asset to have experts from David Marks Insurance Brokers in Ballarat to help you fully understand insurance policies and terminology before making a selection. We can ensure you get the best cover for your circumstances and budget.

When it comes to flood insurance Ballarat clients can rely on our team for help. Please contact us today for more information or to book an appointment with our insurance experts.