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Owner-builder construction insurance in Ballarat a crucial choice

March 31 2019

Building your own Ballarat home is a dream for many tradies. But before you pick up tools and get to work, there’s an array of things you need to consider even before you reach the planning phase. And one of the first things on the list is securing appropriate¬†owner-builder construction insurance in Ballarat.

As the builder and owner of your home, you are ultimately responsible for everything from construction through to meeting regulations and cleaning up at the end of the project.

During construction work, things can go wrong on site. Serious problems such as fire, water damage, theft, vandalism and even public liability issues can have a major impact. That’s why it pays to be absolutely sure you’ve got the right layer of insurance protection, which is appropriate for your needs, locked into place.

There’s peace of mind in knowing you have owner-builder construction insurance to offer financial protection, whether you are renovating your home or building a new one. All qualified and experienced tradesmen working on a home will have adequate protection in the form of trade insurance, so why should you not be protected just because you’re building your own home?

At David Marks Insurance Brokers, our experienced brokers can help match you to the best owner-builder policies on the market. It’s about finding the one that best suits your circumstances and budget.

Our brokers advise owner-builders to make sure they are well protected with liability cover as well as having protection for the actual construction materials and labour.

The owner builder can be readily sued if someone enters the construction site and is injured, even if the tradies working on the build have caused the hazard.

With litigation an ever-present danger, you can’t afford to be oblivious to the law. And do not under-estimate the real risk of being sued.

So don’t leave yourself open to potential disaster by failing to source the correct insurance. Instead, contact our team at David Marks Insurance Brokers and let us help you find the best owner-builder construction insurance in Ballarat for your building project.