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Personal insurance secures futures of Ballarat families

September 20 2018

When things go drastically wrong in life, you want to know your family will be financially secure.

For people in Ballarat, life insurance and income insurance offer peace of mind, protection and a financial support system that will help sustain them as they face the major upheaval of ill health, injury, permanent disability or death in their lives.

At David Marks Insurance Brokers, our experienced brokers understand that personal insurance is not a ‘one size fits all’. It’s about custom fitting the type and level of cover to suit each individual client’s lifestyle and circumstances, be they a parent with a young family or just starting out life with a partner.

And that’s what our team delivers – insurance that ensures your family is able to remain stable if you were to pass away, or suffer an illness or injury that stopped you working for a period of time.

With quality Ballarat life insurance, you know your loved ones will still be able to maintain their current lifestyle, pay off the house and meet other financial demands if you are no longer around. And, at a time when they are reeling after losing a partner or parent from accidental death, a terminal illness or other, that financial security is crucial. It can also provide relief if you become permanently disabled and can’t return to the workforce.

Just as life insurance provides peace of mind, income insurance offers a welcome level of financial protection if you suffer an illness or injury that prevents you from working. This form of insurance fills the gap until you can return to work, providing you with a major percentage of your wage until you’re back on your feet.

That means you can concentrate on getting well, getting fit and getting back to work without the stress of meeting your mortgage payments and coping with bills and other expenses. And, as a major breadwinner, that takes the financial fears off your shoulders in what is a difficult time in your life.

For people in Ballarat life insurance and income insurance are all about protecting those you love. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team about the best cover for your circumstances.