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Quality flood insurance for Ballarat clients

March 31 2018

Events overseas in recent months, and in Ballarat when floods struck the city last year, show why it is important to have insurance.

When a flood hits your business or home, leaving you to replace carpet, electrical wiring, plaster, possessions and stock, you need the welcome layer of protection that a quality insurance policy carries. Without it, you may haveĀ  serious repair and replacement expenses on your hands.

So have you got adequate insurance cover including flood insurance for your home or business? At David Marks Insurance Brokers we provide a range of insurance including the flood insurance Ballarat clients can rely on to see them through when disaster strikes.

Important information about flood cover includes:

  • When it comes to domestic homeowner policies flood cover is automatic. But this is not the case for commercial business insurance, where business owners have to apply for flood cover.
  • Not every business will have success in getting flood cover. If your premises is sited near a river, creek, watercourse, lake or canal you may not be able to get the cover.
  • Don’t confuse water damage and flood. The definition of a flood involves the covering of land that’s normally dry by escaped or released water from the normal confines of a reservoir, canal, dam, lake, creek, river or other natural watercourse.
  • It is not a flood when water enters your premises due to the water volume overwhelming roof gutters and box drains. This is water damage, which almost all policy wordings cover as a standard peril.

If you are unsure whether you are covered for flood damage, it’s time to talk to David Marks Insurance Brokers. We have extensive experience across all types of insurance and are happy to offer assistance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the topic of flood cover.