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Benefits of finding home insurance through a broker in Ballarat

May 29 2019

Buying a home is definitely one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. It can also be a time of frantic activity, where there’s so much going on that it’s hard to take in all the details that come with finding quality home insurance in Ballarat. So don’t do the fine-print sifting alone and…

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Owner-builder construction insurance in Ballarat a crucial choice

March 31 2019

Building your own Ballarat home is a dream for many tradies. But before you pick up tools and get to work, there’s an array of things you need to consider even before you reach the planning phase. And one of the first things on the list is securing appropriate¬†owner-builder construction insurance in Ballarat. As the…

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Ballarat’s house and contents insurance specialists

February 27 2019

If you are a home owner, you know just how much money is tied up in your house and the items it contains. That’s why it makes sound financial sense to ensure you have adequate house and contents insurance in Ballarat, protecting those assets in case disaster strikes. And if there’s a fire, something breaks…

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Quality trade insurance provides tailored protection for Ballarat’s hard-working tradies

January 31 2019

All trades are unique and that’s why they require individualised insurance for quality protection. After all, Ballarat plumbers don’t use the same equipment as bricklayers, and you’ll find quite a difference in the tool-box contents of carpenters and electricians. Whatever your trade, you’ll have tools that are unique to the way you carry out your…

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Points to consider before taking out business insurance in Ballarat

November 27 2018

Creating a successful business takes hard work, passion, time and money – so it pays to protect your valuable asset with quality business insurance in Ballarat. After all, why risk all you have achieved over the years because you haven’t got the correct cover or are under-insured? That’s why getting professional assistance is the way…

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How property owners’ liability insurance will protect your investment and hard work

October 3 2018

Buying a property or piece of land is exciting and a considerable investment for any person. However, along with this exciting new chapter in people’s lives comes considerable responsibility, especially in regards to people visiting your property. Property owners’ liability insurance protects you from any costs or damages that you may be liable to pay…

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Personal insurance secures futures of Ballarat families

September 20 2018

When things go drastically wrong in life, you want to know your family will be financially secure. For people in Ballarat, life insurance and income insurance offer peace of mind, protection and a financial support system that will help sustain them as they face the major upheaval of ill health, injury, permanent disability or death…

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Is your hobby farm insurance adequate?

June 29 2018

When you invest in a hobby farm, it’s important to make sure you have the right insurance in place for your protection. That’s where David Marks Insurance Brokers can help. Our professional Ballarat-based team has years of experience in helping hobby farmers secure quality insurance to cover them for life’s mishaps. And because we know…

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Quality flood insurance for Ballarat clients

March 31 2018

Events overseas in recent months, and in Ballarat when floods struck the city last year, show why it is important to have insurance. When a flood hits your business or home, leaving you to replace carpet, electrical wiring, plaster, possessions and stock, you need the welcome layer of protection that a quality insurance policy carries….

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Your car insurance specialists in Ballarat

January 31 2018

Did you know that drivers in Victoria pay the highest amount in the nation when it comes to comprehensive motor vehicle insurance? An analysis by Mozo, a comparison site covering products including home and car loans, energy plans and credit cards, uncovered this unwelcome news after pouring over quotes from more than 60 car insurance…

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